Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Reel Destinations?

A: We are avid fly fishermen who saw a need to provide fellow anglers with specialty adventure planning and reservation services so they can enjoy unsurpassed angling adventures. We fully understand the thrill of a great fly fishing adventure because for over 25 years we have lived for them, too!

Q: What do we do?

A: Our goal is very simple – to provide you with the best fly fishing adventure at a selected U.S. or international fishing lodge and outfitter that will cater to your needs. We customize an adventure and destination based on what YOU tell us you are looking for in an angling venture… not some “canned” fishing trip that some travel agency says is best for you.

Q: What other services does Reel Destinations provide?

A: In addition to destination planning and reservation services, we also offer hosted fly fishing trips and provide complimentary angling equipment on these trips. We are, in fact, your fly fishing partner. We provide all anglers with ongoing destination-related educational information, as well as communication (and email updates) regarding upcoming trip details. We host meetings, social get-togethers, and maximize social media, to provide fly-fishers the opportunity to meet fellow anglers prior to departing for fishing destination as well as to provide detailed, useful, travel destination information. We conduct complimentary on-site fly tying sessions focused on the specific game species applicable to client’s fly fishing destination.  For clients unable to attend these sessions, we provide fly recipes.

Q: Which fly fishing destination is the best?

A: Talk about a tough question! There is no singular place in the world that provides everything to all anglers. We have traveled from Maine to Mongolia, from British Columbia to Belize, and it all depends on the species of fish (or fishes!) you wish to pursue. Until proven otherwise, we can defend the position that best place to land the greatest diversity of both fresh and saltwater species is Alaska (see our North American section for information on Aniak River Lodge). A great destination for chasing multiple saltwater species which can simultaneously cater to non-angling spouses and family members are lodges in Belize (to read an impressive example, see our South/Central American section on Turneffe Flats, a lodge that offers non-angling partners extraordinary programs in diving and eco-adventures).
Ultimately, the best answer to “where is the best place to fish” can only be answered by combining your specific interests with our expertise.

Q: How much fly fishing experience do I need?

A: Reel Adventures caters to the beginner, intermediate and experienced fly angler. We know everyone starts this sport as a novice, and we love working with fly casters of all ages and levels. Our clients have ranged in age from 14 to 82 years. There is no need to be self-conscience about your skill level.

Q: What equipment do I need and how do I best prepare for a fly fishing adventure?

A: Each adventure is different: freshwater destinations, saltwater destinations, tropical climates, cooler latitudes. Once your destination is determined, we share our knowledge and resources to ensure you are fully prepared and confident for your angling journey. Everything from what line weight rod to use, what flies are most effective for your destination and time of year, even the most efficient and comfortable clothes to wear. It’s all covered, from written packing lists to professional consultations on the telephone. One additional note regarding trip preparation; our experience has shown that many anglers pack more equipment than they need because they worry about being “caught short” if they don’t bring a complete water-assault arsenal. We will guide you so that you are fully prepared, but not over-prepared or burdened by lugging around more luggage than necessary.

Q: So… How much will this cost Me?

A: Reel Adventures negotiates directly with lodges and outfitters, so there is absolutely no cost to you for our services.  Best of all, you never pay more than the lodge or outfitter’s advertised or internet price – and many times you will pay less.

Q: What if I have to cancel my reservation?

A: Reel Adventures does not charge for its services, so nothing is owed to us for a cancelled reservation. Once a deposit is received for a specific lodge or outfitter, then cancellation requirements are in accordance with that lodge or outfitter. In either case, you will know the cancellation conditions prior to submitting your initial deposit and contract.  Reel Destinations recognizes that personal unforeseen circumstances may arise before, or even during a trip. Accordingly, we strongly recommend that our anglers purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance and Emergency Evacuation Insurance. (see our web page describing these types of insurance). In reality, both insurances are recommended by experienced travelers and travel agencies for ANY type of personal or family vacation.

Q: All of this sounds interesting, what should I do next?

A: Contact us! The essential first step in designing the perfect fly fishing adventure for you begins with you educating us about your specific interest in fishing a new, exotic, or remote freshwater or saltwater destination. “Don’t delay, contact us today… you don’t want your fishing dream to be the one that got away!”