The perfect fly angling trip at your fingertips

Welcome to Reel Destinations!

At Reel Destinations we provide fellow anglers with memories that last a lifetime.  We are your specialty fly fishing partner offering professional destination planning and reservation services to U.S. and international fishing lodges/outfitters as well as customized hosted fly fishing trips.  Fly fishing has been our lifelong passion and until recently we strictly assisted fellow anglers by word-of-mouth.  However, our fly-fishers’ adventures have been so overwhelmingly successful that we were encouraged to expand our travel services on a broader basis.  Best of all, we do not charge you for our services.  If you select a lodge or outfitter you will pay no more than their advertised price, and often times less!

Why Reel Destinations?

Reel Destinations is not tied or committed to any lodge or outfitter, neither are our reviewers. The advantage we offer over specialty fly fishing travel agencies is the ability to provide you with unbiased destination information.  This means our anglers get the honest, factual, impartial information they rightfully deserve, be it positive or negative, when considering a venue for their angling adventure.  The ultimate result - you will gain the same realistic expectations that we want to have when contemplating where to go for our next fly fishing venture.

Unlike fly fishing travel agencies that offer fixed travel destinations, Reel Designations continuously explores new venues for angling excitement. This has lead us to Alaska, Mongolia, British Columbia, Central America - just about anywhere anglers are interested in fishing.  We can also assist the Do-It-Yourself'er.


                Four more important advantages when you choose Reel Destinations:

  • 1.  We offer incentives or discounts to groups, especially for hosted adventures (hosted adventures also include complimentary use of rods and reels).  See our current offer for a free fly rod!
  • 2.  Reel Destinations realizes that many anglers need to please non-fishing partners and family members, so we  arrange exciting travel options that fully accommodate both the fly fisher and non-angling companions. 
  • 3. We provide a complimentary forum for fellow anglers to exchange stories and share recommendations on destinations, lodges, day guides, fishing tips, tackle, flies, etc. (Visit us on Facebook).
  • 4. Reel Destinations realizes that nobody has all the answers.  So, if we get stumped on your question or request, we readily admit it and know where we can refer you. It’s your adventure, you deserve the best.