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Reel Destinations founder, Ed Bauchiero, is an avid fly fisherman who spent the last 30 years exploring angling destinations at home and abroad.  Ed has explored remote angling in such places as Alaska, British Columbia, Mongolia, Montana, Idaho, Belize, Mexico and Maine without getting himself into too much trouble.

After a couple decades of roaming the globe in search of unique fly fishing adventures, Ed wanted to dedicate himself to sharing such unforgettable angling experiences with the larger fraternity of fly anglers.  Ed's past adventures strengthened his awareness and appreciation that fly anglers are not only an adventurous bunch that value dynamic fishing, but they likewise treasure the special places where fly fishing brings them, the camaraderie of other fly anglers, exposure to different cultures, and environmental conservation.

Reel Destinations, Fly Fishing Adventures arose as the culmination of these experiences and vision toward fly fishing. Reel Destinations is not the stereotypical “fly fishing travel company”.  We not only appreciate fly fishing as both a sport and a means of adventure, but we also know that this is a uniquely personal endeavor with as many reasons to fly fish as there are individuals waiving a fly rod.  That is why we work with fellow anglers in designing a personalized fly fishing adventure that meets their needs. We are not interested in selling “canned” fishing trips.  What YOU want to experience in a fly fishing adventure is the only thing that is important to us.  That is why we want to take the time to discuss with you one-on-one to create your ultimate fly fishing trip.  We understand – because we are anglers, too!

There is absolutely no cost or obligation if you chose to contact us to pick our “fishing brain”, and there are no service charges when arranging a trip through us.   If we cannot meet your needs, we know many other folks in the fly fishing world and would be happy to refer you to a helpful resource.  Who else promises that?!  Ed’s philosophy is simple, “It’s your adventure, so we at Reel Destinations want to make sure you enjoy the best one possible”.