About Us

Your Premier Fly Fishing Partner

Our Mission: To be the best destination resource for anglers seeking the ultimate fly fishing experience.

Reel Destination is a specialty fly fishing partner offering fly anglers professional destination planning and reservation services to selected U.S. and international fishing lodges/outfitters as well as hosted fly fishing adventures.

Reel Destination's services:

  • Providing fly anglers with complete, complimentary, reservation services for ultimate fly fishing adventures to U.S. and international destinations.
  • Offering lodge/outfitter discounted group rates.
  • Complimentary (no rental fee) equipment usage available on all Reel Destinations hosted trips.
  • Providing ongoing destination-related educational information, and regular email updates to keep anglers current on upcoming trip details.
  • Networking/introducing travel group members, and matching angler(s) with other angler(s) of similar interest and personality to fish jointly at a designated lodge or wilderness destination.
  • Hosting meetings, social gatherings, so anglers may meet prior to departing for a fishing destination as well as to provide detailed travel destination information.
  • Hosting complimentary fly tying sessions and fly tying recipes for the specific game species applicable to the angler’s fly fishing destination.